MXF200 is specially customized for inspection at high line speeds, in packaging formats such as metal or composite tins, plastic containers or bottles. Flexible X-ray inspection solution designed to inspect a diverse range of applications. Because of its compact size, system is easy to install at line. Its inbuild rejection system gives an accuracy of rejection with the sufficient storage.

   Machine Type    Food Scan X-Ray Machine
   Model Number    MXF200
   Tunnel Size    230X200mm
   Maximum Job Size Can Be Scan    Diameter 150X 200mmt
   Detector Type    Line Scan Detector
   Detector Area    250mm
   X-Ray Generator Energy    80kV 1mA
   Machine Size (LXWXH)    1700X2000X2200mm
   Machine Weight    400 KG
   Part Loading    Conveyor Based
   Display    15” Touchscreen display
   Load Capacity    20 kg
   Rejection System    Inbuild Pneumatic pusher rejection
   Industry    Food, Pharma, Beverage, Pet Food, Nutraceuticals, Personal Care.
   X-Ray Emission    < 1uSv/hr