MIX140FPD0505 is the smallest x-ray machine in industrial non-destructive testing technology. Real-time imaging detection x-ray technology reduce the speed of inspection. Sharp imaging with measuring tool included in the system. User friendly application do not need highly technical person to run the software. Flexibility to check parts with any shape.

   Machine Type    Industrial X-Ray Machine
   Model Number    MIX140FPD0505
   Door Opening    350X600mm
   Maximum Job Size Can Be Scan    Diameter 90 X 300mm
   Detector Type    Flat Panel Dynamic Detector
   Detector Area    130X130 mm
   X-Ray Generator Energy    140kV 1mA
   Machine Size including console (LXWXH)    1200X1200X1600mm
   Machine Weight     1500 KG
   Part Loading    2 Axis Manipulator
   Display    19” non touch display
   Load Capacity    20 kg
   Industry    Casting, ceramics, special alloys, plastic/ composites, wire& rubber parts, metal rods etc.
   X-Ray Emission    < 1uSv/hr