MIX1803FP3636 is specially customized for small parts inspection. Conveyor system is added in the machine for repetitive production. Image filters gives us more clarity to find out defects. Zero effort for loading and unloading. Teach your product to machine and machine will recognize the defects itself.

   Machine Type    Industrial X-Ray Machine
   Model Number    MIX1803FP3636
   Tunnel Opening    400X100mm
   Maximum Job Size Can Be Scan    300X80mm
   Detector Type    Flat Panel Static Detector
   Detector Area    430X430 mm
   X-Ray Generator Energy    140kV 1mA
   Machine Size including console (LXWXH)    1600X100X2100mm
   Machine Weight     700 KG
   Part Loading    Conveyor based
   Display    19” non touch display
   Load Capacity    20 kg
   Industry    Casting, ceramics, special alloys, plastic/ composites, wire& rubber parts, metal rods etc.
   X-Ray Emission    < 1uSv/hr